The Wandering Star


Coming Soon!

The lights appeared two thousand years ago: tiny, white and piercing through the void, thousands of miles away on Io, the pale blue moon of the planet Aldo. From first contact, slow and careful, to the first landing, disastrous with disease and death; to rebuilding and settling and then traveling. Until war and destruction, walls and blockades, strikes and embargoes. Finally, peace. And a sky-ship tour to celebrate it.

The Kali, a mysterious civilization from Io, have been cut off from visitors for decades. In the ruins of their Aldo colony, Keleva, a secret power with the ability to unleash terror or peace lies hidden.

16 year old Ava had always dreamed of traveling the world, following her war-hero grandfather’s footsteps. With only an old photograph to guide her, she embarks on a quest to solve a decades-old family mystery. When she takes a chance on stealing tickets to the SS Victory’s inaugural cruise to the war-torn Keleva colony, Ava is soon transported to a world beyond her imagination. But with peace between the two worlds hanging on a thread, and a new threat on the horizon, Ava discovers that she holds the fate of two worlds in her hands.

The Wandering Star is a travel fantasy novel coming soon to a world near you!