The Wandering Star

40 years after a war with the Kali, the world clings to an uneasy peace. To celebrate the 40th anniversary since victory, the government of Windfall, the most prosperous and advanced city state, lifts the travel embargo and launches a tour to mysterious Keleva, a colony of the rival moon Io heavily damaged in the war and cut off from the rest of the world for decades.

16 year old Ava had always dreamed of traveling the world, following her war-hero grandfather’s footsteps and finding his birthplace. When she takes a chance on stealing tickets to the SS Victory’s inaugural cruise to the war-torn Keleva colony, Ava is soon transported to a world beyond her imagination. But with peace between the two worlds hanging by a thread, and a new threat on the horizon, Ava discovers that she holds the fate of two worlds in her hands.

Land of a Thousand Stars is a 85,000 word travel fantasy novel that will be ready late 2017!